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We are committed to creating a just, free, and equitable society for all.

We are a non-governmental, advocacy, knowledge sharing, research, and capacity-building organization with a focus on promoting transparency and accountability, empowering citizens, and improving benefits flow to citizens from government.

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We need to reshape our attitude to governance in Nigeria, join our public space where we engage with our elected officials and government agencies


We organize inclusive events for all citizens giving them a voice on social issues

17 April, 2022

A Capacity development for citizens to track all government-funded projects in their communities. The event is designed to ensure accountability and transparency in government 

29 March, 2022

Providing a platform for the youth’s  active and meaningful participation in their societies and in democratic practices and processes is of crucial importance

5 May, 2022

A bi-monthly event to provide a citizen’s perception of the service delivery issues in the  Federal Capital Territory. The event is hosted by a coalition of the FCT Authority and organized civil society. It is open to al residence of the FCT for virtual and on-ste attendance

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